Thane is an English import and a very handsome boy - just a youngster in this photo, earning his first major at the big Wine Country weekend of shows.  His owners don't get out of Vermont very often to course him, but he earned his JC at the same Wine Country weekend this photo was taken, and a coursing major his one weekend coursing in Vermont.  Now five and a half, he has been bred to two bitches of our breeding: Thrice and our own LeLe



Thrice delivered a litter of 9 on New Year's Day 2012: 5 boys and 4 girls.  It's too early to say for LeLe, but all the signs are positive that she will have a litter in late February.



CH Nixophel Malachite JC

BrCh Greyflax Myth to Kilbourne X Greyflax Lady of the Lake to Nixophel

14 June 2006

Bred by Miss H. R. Jansons

Owned by Lee & Lois Resseguie