CH Cu Liath Ayr Dalhousie GRC

CH Ayr's Loudoun O'Jubalhil X CH Ayr's Catriona O'Salutary 

20 February 2000 - 16 June 2006

Bred by Lynn Kiaer & William & Karen Colosimo

Hoosie was the bitch we kept out of our first litter.  She has proved to be a wonderful choice.  She finished easily, was fast enough to earn a racing title, and has also turned out to be an especially wonderful brood bitch.  Beyond the shadow of a doubt, she is Charlie's girl!

Hoosie died after an emergency c-section.  At the time we thought that perhaps she had been affected by the recently discovered Factor VII clotting deficiency, but subsequent testing at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that she has several offspring who have normal Factor VII results, clearly demonstrating that she could not have been an affected.  We were devastated to lose her, but fortunately we have many of her wonderful children: TeeTee and Hallie from her first litter by Tip, Jemma, Jynx, Beau and Jedburgh from her second litter by Ghillie, and the singleton Boudicca, also sired by Tip.