Cu Liath Deerhounds

Here at Cu Liath we have a real pack of Deerhounds.  Charlie and Lynn are the true alpha members of the pack, but among the dogs, Beau is in charge, and he is an excellent alpha dog.  He takes his responsibilities very seriously, but is a very benevolent autocrat. 



















Tip and Jed share a cushion

All the hounds live with us in the house.  Most of the dogs spend the daytime in the kitchen/family room area at the back of the house, where they have a dog door to two fenced acres.  A few, who are cat-safe (yes, that is a cat seated on the walkway in the photo above), have whole-house privileges during the day.


Our approach to breeding has been to attempt to breed a functional dog who is also good-looking, rather than to breed exclusively for the show ring or exclusively for performance.  Our record in that regard is quite respectable.  

  • In conformation, Lillie, Tip, Hoosie, Ghillie, Hallie and Jynx have all been top 20 Deerhounds in their day, with Ghillie (2003) and Hallie (2005) finishing in the top five in breed points.  Robbie made the cut for Best of Breed at the 2003 Specialty.  Jynx was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the 2005 Specialty, earned an Award of Merit at the 2006 Specialty, and also has a Best in Show under her belt. At the 2007 Specialty, Beau, Hallie and Jynx all made the first cut for Best of Breed, and Jynx did it yet again in 2008, and Beau and Jynx in 2009. Except for a few of the youngsters, all the dogs are finished champions.
  • In racing, both Tip (2001) and Ghillie (2003) are past winners of the Fairchild Trophy, awarded to the top racing Deerhound in the US.  Tip, Robbie, Hoosie, Fillan, Ghillie, TeeTee, Hallie, Jynx, Beau and Jedburgh have all earned at least one title in both LGRA and NOTRA.
  • In lure coursing, Tip was the AKC's first Deerhound LCX (Lure Courser Excellent).   Jedburgh and Fillan have also earned that rather exclusive title. Tip, Robbie, Fillan, Ghillie, TeeTee and Jedburgh are all ASFA Field Champions; and Jynx and Beau are getting close.  We have had nine AKC Dual Champions: Tip, Robbie, Fillan, Ghillie, TeeTee, Hallie, Jynx, Beau and Jedburgh.  Jynx represents our third generation of Best in Field lure coursers, following in the footsteps of her sire, Ghillie, and her grandsire, Tip.