DC Cu Liath Ayr Dunrobin SC FCh GRC JOR VC 

CH Ayr's Loudoun O'Jubalhil X CH Ayr's Catriona O'Salutary

20 February 2000 - 27 January 2007

Bred by Lynn Kiaer & William & Karen Colosimo

Robbie was Lynn's pick from our first litter, but, as we were keeping a bitch, we sold him.  Six months later, he came home again, and worked his way into our hearts.  Especially Charlie's!


Robbie is a decent courser, and quite a fast racer, but he had the misfortune to live with, and consequently run against, Tip, and, eventually, Tip's sons.  So his success in running was never going to be what it might have been had he been able to spend his career running elsewhere.  At the 2003 Specialty LGRA meet, which was won by Ariel, a scion of the "other" east coast racing family led by the illustrious Rory (BII NFC DC Chartwell Silver Run Valevue SC SGRC ORC LCM6 VC), Ghillie was second, Tip third, Robbie fourth, Fillan sixth, and Hoosie eighth, among 21 Deerhounds entered.


But Robbie's main claim to fame is that, at that 2003 Specialty, he made the first cut for Best of Breed.  So he is no slouch!


Robbie died suddenly, a month shy of his seventh birthday, having been recently diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia.