DC Kilbourne Zane SC LCX FCh SGRC ORC VC

Sparrowhall Dukarti of Gentom X Kilbourne Triss

15 July 1999 - 20 February 2009

Bred by Mick and Glenis Peach, UK

We went to the UK in the summer of 1999, having decided that we wanted to import a male Deerhound.  Tip was one of three male pups in a litter at Kilbourne, and we were smitten from the get-go.  Lynn returned to make the final selection in November, and Tip (his call name refers to his white tail tip) has been a spectacular dog for us.

We were looking for a dog with substance and bone, and with a terrific front.  We weren't especially interested at that time in coursing or racing, so the fact that Tip has been one of the top Deerhounds in those arenas has been a bonus.  We are especially blessed that his bloodlines seem to mesh well with those we already had, so that his progeny have inherited his superb coat, his excellent bone, and his great speed and focus in the field.  And, in many cases, his white tail tip!

Tip has proven to be an absolutely fantastic alpha dog in our growing pack.  All of our dogs have multiple nicknames.  Some of his are Tip on Top, Mighty Man Dog and Dancing Daddy Dog (for the little dance he does at mealtimes). But his principal title is King of It All and Emperor of Everything!

The galloping hound at the top of the page is taken from photos of Tip.