FC Cu Liath Auld Alliance SC

DC Cu Liath Jeroboam MC GRC JOR VC X CH Cu Liath Bronwyn

Born 25 February 2010

Bred by Lynn Kiaer & Charles Edwards

This was supposed to be an "R" litter.  We've mostly followed the alphabet, although we skipped several letters at the beginning (A, B, C and E).  But sometimes something happens.  In Brigitte's case, it was a partial intestinal blockage (puppies manage to eat the darnedest things!) that took a while to diagnose, and then suddenly got much worse (which made the diagnosis suddenly very easy!).  But it turned out that the real problem was a pancreatic abcess!  So Brigitte ended up with half a pancreas, but she seems to have hung on to the most important part, as it hasn't affected her.  But originally we planned to sell her, so we didn't come up with an "R" name for her, and then I didn't want to jinx her recovery by registering her, so she stayed Brigitte ... And then when it was clear she was going to survive - and thrive - we just couldn't come up with a good "R: name for her, so she kept her puppy name of Brigitte as a call name, and you see her registered name above.