Past Dogs at Cu Liath

In memorium:

  • Diamond's Princess Guinevere, our first Deerhound, March 1994-October 1995. Not only our first Deerhound, but also our first show and performance dog, Guinnie had earned a conformation major and one Junior Courser leg at the time of her death. Bred by Diane and Ray Larson, she died very young.  The postmortem was inconclusive, but was consistent with a sudden cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Diamond's Princess Maude, Guinnie's littermate, March 1994-September 2002.  Maude broke a hind leg in the whelping box at the age of two weeks.  Though she was never truly sound, she never let her injury slow her down.  Her death was also likely caused by a cardiac arrhythmia.  She is the middle dog on the opening page.
  • CH Ayr's Catriona O'Salutary, October 1995-September 2005.  In many ways, our foundation bitch, dam of Robbie, Hoosie and Fillan, granddam of TeeTee, Hallie, Jed, Beau, Jynx and Jemma.  Caty was an outgoing, playful, wonderful girl.  She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in April of 2005, and we learned more about that dreadful disease than we ever wanted to.  She is the dog on the right on the opening page.
  • CH Cu Liath Falstaff, who was Fillan's brother, November 2000-November 2005.  Falstaff was diagnosed at the terribly young age of three with atrial fibrillation.  A few months later, when his care became too burdensome for his owner, he was returned to us.  He lived with us for a year and a half, until his death a few days before his fifth birthday.
  • CH Cu Liath Ayr Dalhousie GRC, February 2000-June 2006.  Hoosie died during emergency spay surgery after a c-section for a singleton puppy.  Initially we postulated that she had bled out due to a Factor VII clotting deficiency, an abnormality which had been identified in our breed only the previous spring.  A genetic test exists for the mutation, however, and subsequent testing has proven (with several clear offspring) that Hoosie could not have been an affected.  (Factor VII deficiency is a simple recessive.)  Our vet speculates that a virus which affected all our dogs during Hoosie's pregnancy may have had some impact; we had several dogs who were very ill at that time.  She was Charlie's special girl.
  • CH Ayr Lilliesleaf of Jubalhil JC, April 1995-June 2006.  Lillie was never able to bounce back after the virus hit.  Lillie, the dog on the left on the opening page, was the last of our "old girls" but our first champion, first coursing titlist, first group placer...
  • DC Cu Liath Ayr Dunrobin SC FCh GRC JOR VC, February 2000-January 2007.  Sudden cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Cu Liath Jemma, May 2004-April 2008.  Complications of liver shunt.
  • DC Kilbourne Zane SC LCX FCh SGRC ORC VC.  July 1999-February 2009.  Our Dancing Daddy Dog is gone.
  • DC Cu Liath Ayr Ghillie SC FCh SGRC SOR ORC VC.  January 2001-May 2009.
  • DC Cu Liath Fillan MC LCX NAJ FCh GRC JOR VC.  November 2000-September 2009.
  • DC Cu Liath Hecate MC FCh GRC VC.  August 2002-February 2010.  Osteosarcoma.
  • CH Kilbourne Roxanne.  January 2001 - May 2010.  Complications of emergency spay surgery due to pyometra.

Other dogs who spent varying parts of their lives at Cu Liath include

  • CH Pibroch's Soapwort, a Tip son bred by Shay Rhinelander and Libby Oliver.  We whelped the litter, and co-owned this boy with his custodial owner.  In that time, however, we did nearly all of his showing, which included finishing his championship.  When his custodial owner experienced some upheavals, she reluctantly returned him to us, and he found a new home with a wonderful family; we get to see him regularly.
  • CH Pibroch's Vetiver RN CD GRC JOR VC, Soapy's brother.  He came back to us the summer before his fourth birthday, having been returned to his breeder.  Since he did not respond to his supposed name, we named him Huw.  He was with us for two years before going to live in a wonderful home in Maine.